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This should have been post #1, but (hey) better late than never. Here is the basic outline developed for my preschool storytime:

    Hello Song

    My right hand waves hello
    My left hand waves hello
    Everytime I see my friends
    My hands wave big hellos
    Con’t belly, feet, fingers, toes

    Circle Meeting: To Do List & Introduce Theme

    Book #1

    Action Rhyme:

    Book #2:

    Get up and Move Activity:

    Book #3:


    Good-bye Song: The More We Get Together

Pre-K Storytime is a 1-hour, weekly storytime for 3.5-5 year-olds runs for 9 weeks in the fall, and perhaps 11-12 weeks in the spring. Registration is required. There are 30 children currently registered, and about 20-25 show up each week.

Each week we open with the same Hello song.

Then we sit down for our “Circle Meeting” where we discuss that day’s theme, and make a to-do list using a sticky board and some pictures I printed and laminated for this purpose. I choose the number of activities we do each week, but I take suggestions for the order in which we perform those activities. I like the to-do list for several reasons: 1) I tend to be a bit of a scatterbrain, so it keeps me on task; 2) the children children seem to like knowing what the plan is. And during the storytime, as we complete an activity the children LOVE to remove each picture and place it behind the sticky board. In fact, I’ve noticed during my drop-in storytimes if my preschoolers are in attendance, they ask “Ms Cate, where are our pictures?”  Here’s the to-do list

We generally read 3 books and do 2 action-rhymes/activities. Then I give them about 10 minutes to color/draw. The first day of the session I provided a blank book for each child with his/her name on it. The first day we decorated the books using crayons and markers. In the subsequent weeks  I provided a small theme-based coloring page, along with the books. At the end of storytime, the children slip the page into the front of their book, and hand it into me.  I glue the coloring page into the blank book. On the last day when we have the Last-Day party, I will pass out the books when their moms are their so they can take them home.

Last year I did this a little differently. I provided blank folders (instead of books) and coloring pages and then laminated the CPs at the end of the session. The kids enjoyed it, but I have noticed that the kids seem more connected to their books than they did to their folders. The books are also much easier to manage than the folders were.

So here’s the outline. I fill in the specifics each week depending on the theme: