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Mummy Says What?

I recently made a guest appearance at Monsters’ Ball, the annual Halloween celebration at the Niles Park District. They throw a great party: dinner, costumes, games, and a storytime under the stars (if the weather allows). Side note: I don’t know who did the decorations, but they completely blew my mind!

Anyway, it’s an easy program to plan since it’s only about 20 minutes. And yes, the conditions are unpredictable: there’s a noisy street less than twenty feet behind me, a bonfire on my right, and 150 strange kids crazed with suger and eye-candy. But they’re fired up, and ready to go.

With such a short program, there’s only time for a few activities. And because it was dark, books and flannelboards didn’t make much sense. I started with If You’re a Monster And You Know It (the Rebecca Emberley version), followed by the hilarious jump story Ruby Red Lips, and finally an activity I like to call my special magic spell.

This is a tricky storytime activity, because it all hinges on cooperation from your volunteer(s). But when it works, the results are total hilarious mayhem. Here’s how it works: I ask for volunteers to come up. Then I wiggle my fingers and say some magic words.

Hocus pocus, Ala Kazaam, 
Become a kitty cat if you can!
(Now I cross my fingers) and if I’m lucky, the kids immediately begins to meow.  

I picked 2 girls who were dressed as kitties, and they were awesome! So I turned them back into kids using the reverse spell:

Hocus pocus, ala kazoo
now turn back into you!

And hands went up all over the place. Kids were coming up 5 at a time. I asked who wants to become a dog?

Hocus pocus, ala kanoodles
Turn these kids into poodles!

For my final transformation I picked a wild little bugger who was dressed as a mummy. He ran up in a flash, he was bursting at the seams he was so excited. He bounced up like a little super ball.

Me: Ok, mummy, what do you want me to turn you into?


Me: A POOP!?!? I don’t know, that might be pretty stinky! Let’s put it to a vote: what do you think everybody? should we turn him into a poop?

Crowd: NO!

Luckily, that didn’t get him down.

Me: I have an idea, how about a tasmanian devil?

Mummy: YES!!!!

Me: Hocus Pocus, Ala kanevil, now you are a tansmanian devil!

He spun away like a little tornado, and his dad managed to catch him before he did any serious damage.

Happy Halloween!

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Flannel Friday 2: My 2-Minute, $5 Costume

So I was all ready for the Niles Park District’s Monsters Ball. I am doing a storytime for a big crowd, and I realized, I never decided on a costume. I had to run over to Constructive Playthings anyway, and thought I might find a very simple costume. I did! They had this awesome crab hat.

Crab Hat!

“CUTE” I squealed. Unfortunately, I am not wearing red today. When I got back to the library, I decided I wanted a little more oomph for my ensemble. So I made some claws out of felt.

My ferocious pinchers!

Each one is cut from a single piece of felt. The claw fits over my hand, and then the strap goes around my wrist, and is closed with velcro dots. Easy peasy! And following in Mel’s footsteps, I’ll include a crab claw pattern.

Mollie is the hostess with the mostest this lovely October evening.