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Flannel Friday: Soup for One

Happy Flannel Friday!

If you haven’t read this adorable counting book, go find it, and read it! It’s adorable.


I’m planning to use this new book at Toddler Time this week. I’m going to try following the book with a repeat/extention. It’s an age-old story: Fly meets soup, fly gets, fly loses soup… One little fly thinks he is getting a big bowl of hot soup all to himself, but one after another unwelcome pals (1, 2, 3…10) try to swoop (or rather, slurp) in on his date. Finally the whole gang is chased away by a great big lizard who swallows down the soup in one big gulp. The bugs all skitter off before he gets a hankering for dessert (the 6-legged kind, if you know what  I mean).

I found a bowl and stuffed it with a bunch of red felt, slapped together some clip art, and voila!

Can you guess which one is the hero of this story? Find the crankiest face...

Can you guess which one is the hero of this story? Hint: find the crankiest face…

We also have this awesome chameleon puppet. So I’m going to try some sleight of hand to have him slurp up the soup.



I have a story extention… Here’s a pdf of this flannelized version of Soup For One. I suppose one could also use it as a craft or take-home activity, if one was so inclined…

Annie is hosting this week at sotommorow. And don’t forget to get yourself on the #FF map!