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Flannel Friday: The Jelly Bean Countdown!

Happy Flannel Friday!

I’m nearly forgot today was #FlannelFriday. In fact, I thought this was the first day of our break. I was going to throw up something old, but then a tiny dancer inspired me to create a new flannelboard for our collection.

Today is the 2nd Friday of the month, which means I began my day by hosting my very favorite program: Bibliobop Family Dance Party!  Unfortunately, I’m recovering from a cold. But it’s nothing a zillion cough drops can’t handle.

Anyway, we had decent crowd today considering the icy roads in this neck of the woods: 22 kids, and 17 moms/nannies.  After we cleaned up, and things were winding down.  I always get a lot of hugs at the end of this program (that’s only part of why it’s my favorite program).

When I bent down to hug a pair of sisters, the older one said, “Ms. Cate, you smell like jelly beans.” (I’m thinking it’s the cough drop).  The room went silent. Every child in the roomed turned to me, and I could see this fire flare up in their eyes. Before I knew what way happening, 20 preschoolers we running at me to get a sniff.

I was crouched down on the balls of my feet, so they immediately knocked me over on my butt and started sniffing like a litter of puppies. The moms lost it. They were all laughing too hard to do anything about it.  Once I got over the shock of it all, I started laughing too. It was chaos.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to make a flannel board version of Jellybean Countdown.  This is not new to #FF. It’s a well-known rhyme, and a great addition to one of my favorite storytime themes: Yummy Stuff.

I used clip art to make the jelly beans. The originals were in b&w, so I colored them. Unfortunately the files are small, and even through their vector images, they didn’t resize very well. Anyway, might go ahead and trace them to make the images look better.

Jellybean Countdown!

Jellybean Countdown!

Jelly Bean Countdown
(Use real jelly beans 5 colors)
5 little jelly beans I wish I had more! I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are four!
4 little jelly beans Tasty as can be I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are 3!
3 little jelly beans Only a few. I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are 2.
2 little jelly beans Eating them is fun I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there is one.
1 little jelly bean The last one for me I’ll eat the (color) one
I’m as happy as can be!

Happy Flannel Friday!

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