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Flannel Friday: Three Eggs in a Basket

Happy Flannel Friday!

I tried this one last week, and the kids loved it. Three Eggs in A Basket is another brilliant story from Judy Sierra’s Mother Goose’s Playhouse.

It begins with 3 eggs in a basket

Ta da!

we discuss the various eggs. One looks just like the eggs you buy at the grocery store. The second egg is very large. And the third egg is perfectly round and a wee bit soft. Suddenly, the first egg begins to wiggle. And with a crick crack, out pops a baby chick. Then the large egg begins to wiggle. And with a crick crack, out pops a baby duck. Then the round, soft egg begins to wiggle. And with a crick, crack, out pops a baby turtle. (BTW: when I paused after “out pops,” I got some pretty awesome ad libs…e.g. a banana, a present, COOKIES!!! you get the idea…)

turtle, duck and chick!

Finally, the mamas come looking for their hatchlings, and the babies jump up on their backs for a piggy ride! (this last detail got a lot of cheers from the kids, and thanks-a-lots from the moms. oh well.


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Flannel Friday: Color Blending Magic

This is a decidedly flannelless storytime activity I like to use when the theme is color. It pair perfectly with one of my all-time favorite stories, with Mouse Paint. It’s one of the simplest ways to provide a hands-on experience with color blending.

I Give each child 2 blobs of Play-Doh. Then ask the group what they think will happen if you squish the 2 blobs together. I try to coordinate the squishing so I count out, “1 squish, two squish, three squish. Show me what you’ve got!”





It works best with a small group (fewer than 10 kids). It works with preschoolers, but if you have any know-it-alls in the group they may poo-poo it at first. But don’t let that discourage you, once they get the play-doh in thier hot little hands, they’ll be putty in your hands (pun intended). And of course it brings down the house with toddlers. Anyway, this is one of my most flannelless #FF to date, but there it is…

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Happy storytiming!


Flannel Friday: 5 Little Robots

Happy Flannel Friday!

My #FF this week was a lucky find in the cheap aisle at Michael’s. This set of 5 rubber robot finger puppets is perfect for a 5 little robots rhyme.

5 little rubber robots!

The best part is it cost $1, and required no work at all. Well, until I realized I don’t actually know a “5 Little Robots” rhyme.  So I wrote this one

Hank has 5 little robots in his shop this week
This one’s microchips are fried  
and that one sprung a leak
Hank will give this one a look-see  (point to the one on your thumb)
He’ll know just what to do
And when this robot leaves Hank’s shop (pull robot off thumb) 
It will be as good as new!  (give an “OK” sign) 
(repeat with 4, 3, 2, and 1)

Anyway, it can use a little work, but it could work.

Anyway, Angela is doing the round up this week, so check out her blog for the flannel fandango.

Oh, and I believe I am hosting next week (that’s March 23rd, right?) YES! I am hosting next week, see you then!



Flannel Friday: Hurty Gertie!

My Flannel Friday this week was stolen from the brilliant storytime katie. I fell in love with her band-aid storytime activity. According to her blog post, the idea was inspired via crowd-sourcing…GO TEAM #FF!!!

In the past I have mentioned that I am one of the all-time worst puppeteers. For a while I tried to improve my skills, but I’m a lost cause. I am simply too used to my hand being a hand, I just can’t carry on a conversation with it. I get distracted, and I forget who is saying what… it’s pretty pathetic. At some point I noticed it was making parents uncomfortable, and I decided to give it up, and go puppetless.

Then one day I was walking through Constructive Playthings, and came face-to-face with the cutest, fuzziest little puppet face I have ever seen. It was love at first sight. I actually tried to talk myself out of buying her. But once, I picked her up, I just couldn’t leave her at the store.  (writing this, I realize it is very similar to the story of how I ended up with my 2 dogs) Still, I wasn’t convinced that the kids would like her. She kind of intense, not subtle at all.

Oh I forgot to mention my favorite thing about Gertie. The real magic is that she has a squeaker. So I don’t have to worry about providing a voice for her.  I tell the kids that Gertie, “talks funny, in her own special language” and that seems to suffice.

The kids llllloooooovvvvee her. I’ve only been using her for a few weeks, but already if I forget to bring her out, the kids start asking about her. “Ms. Cate is Gertie sick?” “Ms. Cate, it’s time for Gertie to wake up for storytime.” “Ms. Cate, did you leave Gertie at home?”

As much as kids hate boo-boos, they lllooooovvvvee band-aids. And this will give Gertie a little more face-time. I will try it next week, and let you know how it goes.

We’ll say something like, “Uh oh! Gertie bumped her ear! Is it hurty, Gertie? Let’s put a band-aid right here!”

I’ll try to come up with a decent rhyme over the weekend.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of Gertie convalescing on my sofa.

Poor Gertie! She's had a rough day.

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Flannel Friday: The Was A Bold Lady Who Wanted A Star

This week’s (very late thanks to technical difficulties) #FF is:

There Was A Bold Lady Who Wanted A Star by Charise Mericle Harper

I love this version of the well-worn storytime rhyme. Sadly my library doesn’t own a copy, and it’s out of print. But I want to use it for storytime. So I was thrilled saw this pattern for a flannelized version in Storytime Magic.  What can I say, I love a broad has chutzpah! Anyway, here’s a picture:

(sans the airplane. I set it out to dry, but now I can't find the #*@#$ thing!)

Anyway, I may be too late for the #FFRU… Sorry folks. But check out Andrea’s blog and the #FF pinterest archive for more storytime ideas.

Cheers dears!


Flannel Friday: Hey, Mr. Snowman

I swiped this one from the lovely Miss Allison. My storytimers went soooooooooooo bananas over it, that did it twice.

Hey, Mr. Snowman

It goes like this:

I went walking through a winter wonderland
I spied a snowman who needed a hand.

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 eyes so I can see.”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 1 carrot nose so that I can sniff”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 stick arms so I can wave.”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 blue mittens to warm my hands”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 red boots on my feet”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need one purple scarf to stay cozy”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need a top hat to look snazzy!”

Once again, thank you Allison for such a delightful flannel board. My storytimers and I will enjoy for many storytimes to come!

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Flannel Friday: The Jelly Bean Countdown!

Happy Flannel Friday!

I’m nearly forgot today was #FlannelFriday. In fact, I thought this was the first day of our break. I was going to throw up something old, but then a tiny dancer inspired me to create a new flannelboard for our collection.

Today is the 2nd Friday of the month, which means I began my day by hosting my very favorite program: Bibliobop Family Dance Party!  Unfortunately, I’m recovering from a cold. But it’s nothing a zillion cough drops can’t handle.

Anyway, we had decent crowd today considering the icy roads in this neck of the woods: 22 kids, and 17 moms/nannies.  After we cleaned up, and things were winding down.  I always get a lot of hugs at the end of this program (that’s only part of why it’s my favorite program).

When I bent down to hug a pair of sisters, the older one said, “Ms. Cate, you smell like jelly beans.” (I’m thinking it’s the cough drop).  The room went silent. Every child in the roomed turned to me, and I could see this fire flare up in their eyes. Before I knew what way happening, 20 preschoolers we running at me to get a sniff.

I was crouched down on the balls of my feet, so they immediately knocked me over on my butt and started sniffing like a litter of puppies. The moms lost it. They were all laughing too hard to do anything about it.  Once I got over the shock of it all, I started laughing too. It was chaos.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to make a flannel board version of Jellybean Countdown.  This is not new to #FF. It’s a well-known rhyme, and a great addition to one of my favorite storytime themes: Yummy Stuff.

I used clip art to make the jelly beans. The originals were in b&w, so I colored them. Unfortunately the files are small, and even through their vector images, they didn’t resize very well. Anyway, might go ahead and trace them to make the images look better.

Jellybean Countdown!

Jellybean Countdown!

Jelly Bean Countdown
(Use real jelly beans 5 colors)
5 little jelly beans I wish I had more! I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are four!
4 little jelly beans Tasty as can be I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are 3!
3 little jelly beans Only a few. I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are 2.
2 little jelly beans Eating them is fun I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there is one.
1 little jelly bean The last one for me I’ll eat the (color) one
I’m as happy as can be!

Happy Flannel Friday!

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