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Flannel Friday: Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons… Plus a GIVEAWAY!

Happy Flannel Friday!

I’ve been in a storytime/program tornado this fall. I keep promising to get back in the swing of blogging, but then I’ve seriously been so busy, that I just run out of time and brain power (seriously, I just typed brian power, and could not figure out what was wrong with itIn preparation for our annual teacher workshop on the Latest and Greatest in Children’s Books, I made 3 flannelboards (compete with patterns) so I have 3 #FF posts ready to go!

Anyway this week is that lovable, easy-going feline Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by Eric Litwin

I borrowed the pattern from But I wanted to make the shirt open(-able),

Pete is such a dapper dude!

and  (well, and I really I wanted to give Pete a bellybutton)  so I made a few changes.

Pillsbury Meow-boy! Hee Hee!

It’s a little more work, but this one is going to log a lot of  miles, so it’s worth the effort. Anyway click on the link above for MLF version and/or this one: Pete The Cat 4 Groovy Buttons for the pdf pattern I made for the teacher workshop handout.

It occurs to me that I had to do a little trial & error to assemble this little dude. So I will make a copy, so I can take pictures of the  how I put it together. Then I’ll do a special #FF giveaway.

Leave a comment on this post, and you’ll be entered to win the demo version of this flannelboard, and you won’t even need the “some assembly required” follow-up post. Cheers!


Step 1: Lay "head" on a flat surface.

Step 1: Lay “head” on a flat surface.




Flannel Friday: Who Gathered Eggs From The Chicken Coop?

Man I can’t keep my dang promises! I’ve keep saying I’ll get back into a regular blogging schedule. I promised to write a love letter to my precious BookScan Station. I promised I’d write more about Bibliobop. But things have been shifting around, and i’ve been feeling a bit half-baked in the brain department.

We had a Busytown Community Helper event. We set up a bunch of stations where the kids met a nurse, a police officer, a newpaper reporter, and a yoga teacher. We had a few other community helpers slated to participate, but they backed out, so we had to put together a few extra activities the week of the event. The fabulous Ms Arianne Carey made a very cool farm station where the kids made a felt farm, collected vegetables according to a recipe, and gathered eggs from a chicken coop. She used butcher paper to make the nests, and arranged them on a bookshelf so it looked like a little chicken coop. Then she placed several egg shakers in each nest, and put our hen puppet for that added bit of authenticity. When the kids came in they grabbed an egg carton, and gathered eggs from the nests.  Isn’t she brilliant?

Anyway, the following Tue, I was planning a farm storytime, and realized it would make an awesome activity. I set it up in a cabinet, closed the doors. Halfway through the storytime, I told the kids about the storytime farm. When I opened the cabinet, the kids gasped in wonder.

I didn’t want the kids to pillage the nests, so when I passed out the egg cartons, I asked the parents to accompany their toddlers to the front. Then I made this little rhyme:

Who gathered eggs from the chicken coop?
Antoni picked 2 eggs from the chicken coop!
pick two!
one, two!
Good for you!



Anyway, it was super fun.

Happy Flannel Friday! Sharon is hosting at Rain Makes Applesauce! 


Flannel Friday: Three Eggs in a Basket

Happy Flannel Friday!

I tried this one last week, and the kids loved it. Three Eggs in A Basket is another brilliant story from Judy Sierra’s Mother Goose’s Playhouse.

It begins with 3 eggs in a basket

Ta da!

we discuss the various eggs. One looks just like the eggs you buy at the grocery store. The second egg is very large. And the third egg is perfectly round and a wee bit soft. Suddenly, the first egg begins to wiggle. And with a crick crack, out pops a baby chick. Then the large egg begins to wiggle. And with a crick crack, out pops a baby duck. Then the round, soft egg begins to wiggle. And with a crick, crack, out pops a baby turtle. (BTW: when I paused after “out pops,” I got some pretty awesome ad libs…e.g. a banana, a present, COOKIES!!! you get the idea…)

turtle, duck and chick!

Finally, the mamas come looking for their hatchlings, and the babies jump up on their backs for a piggy ride! (this last detail got a lot of cheers from the kids, and thanks-a-lots from the moms. oh well.


Erin is hosting the FFRU at Falling Flannelboards.


Flannel Friday: DIY Felt Apron (Punx not dead!)

Take a deep, cleansing breath with me librarians… aaahhhhhhhhh… Summer Reading is winding down.

This summer my library went with the iRead theme, Reading Is Soooooo Delicious.  It’s been a great summer, but it’s nice to have a little time/room to breath.

Anyway, in support of this theme, my brilliant co-worker Ms Arianne Carey, decided we should all wear chef’s coats or aprons. I went with an apron.

Just a plain white apron…

The other day as I was folding it up and packing it away, I remembered I’ve been meaning to buy a felt story apron for a while now. So I decided to repurpose it with some felt that we have on hand. I chose a light neutral gray. I knew I needed to use 2 pieces of felt because we didn’t have a single piece large enough to cover the entire apron.

I rolled out the butcher paper, and laid out the apron to make a pattern.  I traced and cut the pattern. Then I cut the pattern into 2 pieces: the skirt and the chest piece using the apron strings a guiding line.  The I cut the 2 pieces of felt using the pattern. I glued the felt to the apron, let it dry, and then sewed the 2 pieces of felt using whip stitch.

Call me Camera Face!

Call me Camera Face!


I used it at my storytimes this week, and it worked awesome! WARNING: an apron works best for stories; as anything that encourages participation (guessing games, discussion flannel activities, etc.) will inevitably lead to boob-grabbing.  But for telling conventional flannel stories, having the story unfold on your belly, encourages storytimers to focus their shifty little eyeballs on you.

Liz is our lovely host this week, so check out putting smiles on faces…Thanks Liz.



Flannel Friday: Tip Tip Dig Dig (the musical!)

If you haven’t tried Sharon’s version of Too Much Noise using musical instruments to represent the various sounds, you should add it to your next storytime. I tried it about a month ago in my campfire sing-along program. It was awesome.

I’ve been racking my brain ever since to find other stories that would work in this style so that I didn’t just repeat the same story in the 2nd sing-along (scheduled for this morning). Finally, yesterday at 4:45 I was struck by the perfect picture book:

Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia

This is one of my all time favorite storytime books. Garcia’s concept and execution is flawless. In the past I’ve always made big motions to signify the tipping, digging, mixing, etc. And it’s always been a big hit. However, the instruments really brought the story to life.

First I scanned, printed and laminated the adorable machine dudes from Garcia’s illustrations so that I could give each group a visual reminder of which instrument went with each machine.

Get to Work!

I split my storytimers into 6 groups of 4-6 kids. Then gave each group a set of instruments (and the laminated picture of course) as follows:

  • Digger: sandpaper blocks
  • Crane: jingle bells
  • Cement mixer: shaky eggs
  • Dump truck: rhythm sticks
  • Bulldozer: mini groaners
  • Road Roller: These rolling shaker things (I don’t know what they’re called)

Anyway, it got really loud… kinda like a construction site. And by the last page, we were all so wound up that when we got to the end, and I revealed that the result of all that work was an “adventure playground” the whole group went wild and we spent several minutes discussing all the things we would do in there in the sandbox, on the see-saw…

So thanks Sharon the brilliant prop story idea!

Check out the FFRU! This weeks host is by Amanda at Toddler Tales. Learn more about Flannel Friday visit our blog.


Flannel Friday: Where’s My Teddy?

I’m back!

Things have been crazy at the library lately with SRC and a whole lot of other craziness. Not only have I not been making any new flannels, I just haven’t I’ve have the time or energy for blogging. I missed at least 2 #FFs in a row. Anyway, I decided to reach into my felt board vault and find the very first flannel board I ever made:

Where’s My Teddy by Jez Alborough

I love this book. And this is a pretty simple flannel board. There are only 4 pieces, but I made the bear big enough, that it’s risky to put all the pieces on one board. It’s too easy to knock all the pieces over when you’re switching the bears between the bear and the boy. So I use 2 boards side by side (even though the photo shows them all on a single board.) Also, I usually have the book on hand. The rhythm of the story is just one part of what makes this an awesome read-aloud, but it’s a pretty important part.

I don’t have a pattern for this one, but I could take a shot at making it from the pieces. I sketched them freehand, and  and cut the felt using my drawings.


He’s scared already!

How did you get to be so big?

Uh oh! Wait, what that sound?

How did you get to be so small?

Something’s not right here…

Oh, that make more sense!


And they each run home, jump into bed (I made a blanket to tuck them both in at the end, but I may have repurposed the felt for another story at some point.

Katie is our adorable host this week!

Mollie and Amy have done some retooling of the pinterest page. Thanks ladies! Check it out, and let them know what you think on the FB group.

Also, a few readers have told me the rss feed is giving them an error. If you’re having this problem, can you leave a comment, or email me cateinthelibrary |AT|g|mail|DOT|com (with details like the RSS url, and the reader you’re using)



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Exciting Flannel Friday Announcement!!!

Exciting news for Flannel Friday! There’s a new method to this Flannel Friday madness!!

Introducing the Flannel Friday website! 

As you know, Anne at So Tomorrow has been an amazing manager and archiver of Flannel Friday information for the past year. Anne and her husband are expecting their first baby in June (congratulations Anne!) so we wanted to give her a break from Flannel Friday during her maternity leave. So this spring, Anne and Mel from Mel’s Desk and a small group of old and new Flannel Friday-ers worked to create a new web home for Flannel Friday.

Here’s the link!

The new site will be the home of the Round Up Schedule, the archives, FAQs about Flannel Friday, information about how to get involved with Flannel Friday, and links to help new members get started with social networking and blogging. There will also be a link to the week’s Round Up, but the Round Up will continue to be hosted on individual blogs. We’ll just point to each Round Up from the site.

Refining the Round Up Procedure

The Flannel Friday community has grown continuously over the year, with new bloggers, new Round Up Hosts, and new members every week on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. We are building an amazing community and are grateful to each and every one of you for your participation and enthusiasm. As the group has grown, you’ve probably noticed that so have the Round Ups! We’ve seen an inevitable increase in missed links and general confusion as the Round Ups are compiled. We thought that the launch of the new site was a great opportunity to take a page from other round ups in the blogosphere and establish one single method for building the Round Up each week.

This information will be in the FAQs on the new site, but here’s our new strategy in a nutshell:

  • Every week the Round Up Host will publish a “placeholder” post for the Round Up on the host blog at 10pm EST on Thursday.
  • Each blogger who wants to participate in the Round Up will make a comment to the Round Up post with the link back to their Flannel Friday post by 10pm EST on Friday.
  • This will be the only place to post links for the Round Up! This way the Host won’t have to worry about checking Facebook or Twitter as well.
  • If a blogger can’t make the 10pm EST deadline on Friday, we’ll ask that the post be held for the next week’s Round Up.
  • The Round Up Host will gather links from the Round Up post comments throughout the day, and publish the Round Up at the end of the day.

We hope this will make the Round Ups easier to create and easier to contribute to! We’ll look forward to your feedback over the next few weeks. Sharon / @ReadingChick at Rain Makes Applesauce has the Round Up this week, 5/11, so she’s going to try out the new procedure with us and see how it goes!

If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to share them via the new Flannel Friday email: flannelboardfriday [at]

Thanks for all you do to to make Flannel Friday more than a blog event–but a great community too. Here’s to the next great year of Flannel Friday!