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About Me

I am a Youth Services Librarian in a suburb located just northwest of Chicago. I specialize in children’s literature and youth services programming.

I connect with people of all ages in a way that encourages thinking, learning and dreaming. I’m a dedicated, dynamic collaborator who provides innovative informal learning programs and services. I approach every project with an effervescent can-do attitude. I treat all patrons with warmth, humor, and enthusiasm.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just came across your blog, Write This Down: Story Dication and Vivian Gussin Paley, You’re My Hero! and I wanted to THANK you. So well written, filled w/ great resources, and just, well done. I am a teacher of creative writing to young children. I’ve been experimenting with Vivian Paley’s techniques for a few years in workshops with the little ones and it’s so much fun. I kind of feel alone in this, so it was great to read your insights, and I am excited to watch the videos from Boston library that you posted. Boston Public Schools. I think it’s cute to watch the kid, but I would like to take my understanding to a deeper level to really get to know the kids better from their perspective, and MOST Important, to know what questions to ask so I can be of greater service to them.

    Anyway, just felt compelled to leave a comment. Thank you!

  2. Hello! My flannel friday post is ready! you will find it at

  3. I came across your flannel story My Froggy Valentine and love it! I am a huge fan of frogs and this would be a perfect story to share next month. None of my 25 libraries have this story and I was hoping you could tell me the remaining frogs so we can create our own to share. I have a copy on back order and hope to have it soon.
    Thank you!

    Community Library Network

    • I am so sorry for the delayed response the froggies turn into:

      hairy beasty
      and a troll
      the last one is the king of the froggies and polly becomes his queen.

      I can type out the text and email it to you. (i just didn’t want to write it out in a post out of respect for the author)

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