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New Things Going On: Niles Buzz Blog


My library’s website underwent a redesign in the fall of 2013. The Niles Buzz is last phase of that redesign, and it rolled out at the end of the year.  Before the redesign, each department had its own blog, and did it’s own thing. The redesign consolidated the various department blogs into a single, library-wide blog.

I’m the editor of the KidSpace section, but I’ve been given free range to write non-YS librarian posts as well. It’s been many years since my Punk Planet days, and my editorial muscles are a little stiff. But I’m always excited to jump into new projects. I’ll get back in the groove soon (I hope). Plus, it will give me a chance to extend my library work beyond the birth-to-tween set. After all, I do spend a portion of my day thinking about things other than picture books and flannel boards. Admittedly, it’s a pretty small portion, but whatever.

This first post isn’t so far a stretch: Let’s Talk About Chores, Baby!

3 thoughts on “New Things Going On: Niles Buzz Blog

  1. I took a look at the site/Buzz, and I must say that it looks fantastic!

    I’ve slowly been trying to revamp each area of our library’s website sections (adult, teen, and kids), and the one thing my boss won’t let me touch is the main site/page which is rather archaic and stagnant (and many people’s first impression of us – UGH). Maybe I’ll show her your library’s revamp and try and get her on board. ::crosses fingers:: I’ll let you know if it does the trick!

    • This redesign was funded by a large state grant. I was on the web design task force, so I’d be happy to offer the (meager) wisdom I’ve developed through the process. Let me know if you have any questions. you can email me at cateinthelibrary (at) g…

      • That’s good to know – I’ll definitely be in touch if I get a chance to take a crack at our site. Thank you so very much!

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