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Flannel Friday Follow-Up: Hi, Pizza Man Infographic



Here is the PDF of the Hi, Pizza Man infographic: Hi Pizza Man

Last week I tried an experiment with my toddler time group, and wrote this post: Infographic Story Stretchers.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to follow up on last weeks experiment. Guess what? It was a big success!!

1) My toddler time parents gave me wonderful feedback, and were eager to collect this week’s infographic (Hi, Pizza Man by Virginia Walter).

I was thrilled to hear that everyone said they used them to retell the stories together later that day. And many even said used them several times throughout the week. Two parents said they used the infographics talk about their day with daddies during dinner. Three said they used it to retell the Little Miss Muffet at bedtime. One parent said her daughter has been reenacting the Little Miss Muffet story all week. She laughed and said, “Poor Little Miss Muffet can’t get home because she keeps running into hippos, elephants, dinosaurs, mummies,” and my favorite, “draculas.”

In last week’s post, I forgot to mention that I gave each parent a folder to keep their infographic, as well as a copy of the library newsletter and some flyers for upcoming events. Well, this week two parents actually remembered to bring the folders  this week so they would have a safe way to collect a new infographic. And the rest of the parents said they know exactly where their folders are because they’ve been using it all week. (YAY!)

All in all, I would say that the experiment was a success! Not only will I continue to make infographics for my storytimers this session, but I also hammered out the format to make this a clear-cut task.

Each storytimer received a folder to take home, two infographics (so far), and an envelope for wrangling the small pieces:

Each storytimer received a folder to take home, two infographics (so far), and an envelope for wrangling the small pieces.

An Infographic Story Stretcher kit

And finally, this week’s infographic is based on my all-time favorite storytime book: Hi, Pizza Man. 

photo (1)

The first page is as you see if above, and the second is a bunch of little doors. I printed the first page 20 times, and the second page once. Then I cut up all the little doors.  Each storytimer gets one infographic and one door. At the end of storytime I passed them out, and demonstrated how to use it later to retell the story later.

I just realized I forgot to send myself the PDF, so I will post it tomorrow.

The magnificent Mel Depper is hosting this week’s special Valentine’s Day Flannel Friday. And it just so happens that we are coming upon the third anniversary of this wonderful tradition. So big XOXOXO’s for Mel. Thanks for hosting!

10 thoughts on “Flannel Friday Follow-Up: Hi, Pizza Man Infographic

  1. This is such a genius idea. I’m going to steal it immediately! Thank you so much for sharing.

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  3. Hi Cate from another library Kat(i)e! This is a really interesting idea, and I’m excited to share it with my co-workers and librarian friends. I’ve been putting on STEM programs this past year, and like you, I had this AHA! moment during a sink/float experiment when my preschoolers kept asking if they could bring the marbles home. No? Could they take home the feathers, then? What about the super gross, soggy cotton ball that was more of a cotton pancake now? They wanted something more exciting than just a handout with the program information, so I’ve been trying to come up with ways to include a take home project or supplies for a take home project. Finding something that relates well to the program and will be memorable a few days or even a few weeks after the experiment is a challenge, but I’ve had a positive response from families, so I’m working to continue it. I love the idea of something simple and interactive coming home from storytime, and the folder idea is totally steal-able! Thanks again for sharing your great idea and I can’t wait to brainstorm some fun take homes for upcoming storytimes!!

  4. Inspired by your post and an idea I found on pinterest, I made up something similar for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I would be happy to share it with you if you like!

  5. Cate, I’m loving this idea of yours. I look forward to trying it myself one day.

    • Please do! In fact, I’ve started a wishlist & so far 1other librarian wants to work-share it with me. printables like this are perfect for collaboration. I can share the wishlist (google spreadsheet) with you if you’re interested.

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