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Pharrell’s “Happy” is the Best Storytime Song Ever!


I woke up feeling wild and crazy this morning. I woke up excited to try something new in storytime. My husband and I have been listening to this song and awful lot:

We haven’t made through all 24 hours of the epic 24-Hours of Happy. But we’ve been chopping away bit by bit, and the shine hasn’t worn of so far.  The song irresistible.  And I’ve always said I could watch people doing silly dances all day long, but I never thought someone would take this statement so literally. So, I am going out on a limb to say: thanks Pharrell! You are sublime. You are quite possibly the greatest living artist of our time.

Anyway, I was driving into work this morning. I was excited about storytime, and decided to play this song, to prep my brain. Suddenly, I had a crazy idea:

Then I decided to test out a new thing in storytime: take a dance break, and rock out in the middle of storytime. I played Happy. We all danced, and got silly.

I think I will try it again next week. In fact, to give the dance break a little more structure, I will bring rhythm sticks. I admit, some of the caregivers in my storytime prefer “conventional” activities. They may have looked a little ill at ease during this activity, but it only lasted a couple of minutes. Then it was on to the normal stuff.Then during playtime the room was filled with toddlers say “happy”…”happy”… “happy”, all over the place.

Anyway, I highly recommend doing the same. It is awesome!

4 thoughts on “Pharrell’s “Happy” is the Best Storytime Song Ever!

  1. I love dancing in storytime! I think I read about a preschool dance party that featured some “unconventional” or modern songs like this too. I’ve thought a lot about music like this lately because my new storytime crowd has a lot of younger moms who really seem to like dancing with the little ones. I think something like this would be great for everyone. I’m thinking of adding music from the Curious George and Winne the Pooh albums too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great change-up. Sometimes, that unalloyed joy we bring just raises up the goodness of our storytimes! Well done, you!

    • Unalloyed! That’s a great term for this sort of thing! It was really fun. I get weighed down when I do the same old things week in week out. Also, over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed something about library “performance”: if you can get people participating/interacting, no one is actually “watching”. So what’s the point of anxiety and risk-aversion? Somehow, as I get older, but failure-regret just doesn’t register in my mind, especially on such a small scale. If something doesn’t work in storytime, no one remembers it. Toddlers and preschoolers have basically 0 attention span, anyway. It just fades into the time in between great stories. So why not experiment? you can always erase the memory with the Anna’s Watermelon Song And they’ll all be too tickled to remember that awkward activity.

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