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Flannel Friday: Reno(vation) 911!

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File this under #thingsididntlearninlibraryschool.  My library is in the final of a top-to-bottom renovation. My department, rebranded as KidSpace, has been this final phase. It’s been a roller coaster ride, and I am not sad that it’s coming to an end. And it looks awesome! I will post a full report once it is complete.

I have one piece of advice for librarians who are going through a big renovation project: Expect the unexpected. When it does (and it will), keep calm, and think on your feet. I guess that’s actually 2 or 3 pieces  of advice.

Today around 2:30, we received an unexpected delivery: a giant white board. We didn’t even know this was coming. It arrived at 3 (yes on a Friday), along with a stern warning from our Maintenance Supervisor (who btw strikes an imposing figure) that it was very important to keep a keen eye on little ones with markers in their hands.  We have some magnets, but not enough to cover this bohemoth.

I went to and downloaded a whole bunch of their printable  versions of storytime classics and made magnet boards. I set up the magnet boards, and grabbed copies of the books from our collection, so they would have the text to go along with the pieces. So very last minute, and I didn’t have quite enough time to finish all the stories I wanted to do, or create a big display. I sent out an email, so hopefully someone can finish up for me over the weekend, or I can finish on Monday.  Here are some pictures:

Say hello to my white whale.

Say hello to my white whale.

The moral of the story is: when the going gets tough, the tough librarians get magnets!

The wise and talented Lisa of Libraryland is hosting this week. Thanks Lisa!

Happy Flannel Friday!

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