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Flannel Friday: Clip Clop Halloween Hack


I’m a little late for this to be useful for Halloween 2013, but here’s a little story I cooked up for Boo Time (My library’s annual Halloween program for little ones).


Clip Clop by Nicola Smee is one of my all-time favorite storytime books. I know many #FFers has made flannel boards of this story. I decided to adapt the idea for Halloween. I replaced all the animals with Halloween-themed characters: horse-witch, cat-ghost, dog-mummy, pig-devil, duck-vampire.


The only change I had to make to the text is I switched the onomatopoeia from “clip-clop clippity-clop” to “swish swoosh swishily swoosh”. The bootimers ate it up like, well candy!

Happy Belated Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Clip Clop Halloween Hack

  1. Did you create the clip art yourself for your Halloween Hack? It is great!

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  3. How cute!! What a great idea and thanks for sharing!

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