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Target Grant Funded This Fancy Early Literacy Thingamajig


Last year I received a $2000 Target Early Childhood Reading Grant to produce a promotional item based on the 5 Early Literacy Practices. They finally arrived, and they’re everything I hoped they’d be (and more). Take a look:

Here’s a quick overview of the project:

“Readers Grow On The Go” is a set of collectible cards designed especially for toddlers and their parents to fill the difficult “waiting time” with constructive, engaging early learning activities. Parents of card collectors will receive a carabiner for clipping the cards to a diaper bag or stroller.

My objectives:

  1. Inspire parents to engage young children in spontaneous, practical EL activities outside of the library.
  2. Demonstrate how the 5 Practices support early literacy development
  3. Produce a durable object with that supports the 2 objectives above.

Thanks to my fantastic collaborators in the marketing department: Marketing Supervisor, Sue Wilsey, and Graphic Artist/Designer Colleen Kelly, the finished product is everything I hoped it would be (and then some).

Sue sourced the materials, and negotiated the deal. Originally, I proposed using laminated paper. Luckily, Sue decided to think bigger. She presented me with several options. In the end we went with a plastic similar to that used for library cards. The plastic gives this project a very professional look and feel.

I wrote the text for the cards. The instructions had to be short, simple, and clear. I had a design concept in mind when I applied for the grant. I’m a huge fan of Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawing books, and decided the aesthetic was a perfect fit for this project. I designed the “S is for Snake” card to give Colleen an idea of what I wanted. As always, she took the concept and ran with it. I can’t stop gazing affectionately at the adorable robot, the little bugs on the “counting” card, and well, all the other ones.

I can’t wait to see what the kids think of it.

4 thoughts on “Target Grant Funded This Fancy Early Literacy Thingamajig

  1. Okay, so, I have another question on these magical thingamabobs. Did the printer add the little hole cover to reinforce the keychain?

    • Yes. The printer added the grommet as per the request. Although, for some reason (and I didn’t order them directly, PR did) they arrived with each set attached by the grommet. The only way you could look at each card was to spin them around as you can see in the Vine. We had to send them back to have them pulled apart. So if you are ordering, make sure it’s clear that they need to be separate cards.

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