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Flannel Friday: Crowdsourcing Experiment?


The other night my husband and I went on a late-night snack hunt. As impulse buys are the name of the game in a snack hunt, when I saw these babies I had to have them:

Story on my feet

Story on my feet

I just know there’s a storytime activity in there somewhere. I think my storytimers would crack up if took off my shoes and used my feet to tell a story. The only problem is, I don’t what that activity (song, rhyme, story, joke…?) is at the moment. So, this is an #FF crowdsourcing request:

Do you know of a story, song, rhyme, etc.? It could be an original story, or a picture book in  which 3 friends:  a critical thinker, a worrier, and a happy-go-lucky type go on a search for something important to all three of them. It can be anything! No ideas are bad ideas. It doesn’t even have to be a fully formed idea… It could just be a little germ of an idea. Perhaps together, we #FFers could write a story! Or many stories.  write storytime activity whatever else you see when you look at these beautifully beady little eyes)

Please share it in a comment. I will take one entry per comment. And in 1 month July 1st I will put all the entries a hat (really an online randomizer). The winner will receive the MATCHING PAIR! One lucky contributor will have an #FF Original to keep.

Sarah of Miss Sarah’s Storytime is our lovely hostess this week. Happy June!

Happy Flannel Friday

4 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Crowdsourcing Experiment?

  1. I noticed that there is one happy sock and two other emotions…mad and sad? Maybe put a happy one on one foot and another emotion on the other foot. Then you can tell a story about how something happened and this made him happy…..stick out happy foot. Then something else happened and this made him mad….stick out mad foot. But then this happened and he was happy again (not sure when those socks became boys but apparently so…). A cause/effect idea.

    Or maybe two friends….one that is always looking at the bright side and one that is more pessimistic. It would be cool to work out some actions. Ie) two friends were walking down the street (and then actually walk around)…

    • Kate! I am sorry, I’ve had a flood of email in the lst couple of weeks, I didn’t see this comment notification! I apologize for the delay!

      i love these ideas! And that is very true about leaving out 1 for certain stories. the 2 polar opposite of happy vs. sad is a common theme in childrens’ stories.

      And that being said, you could see the squiggly mouth as a worried expression. Paired with the big smile you have 2 personalities that resemble a friendship dynamic similar to that of Elephant & Piggie. Maybe? kinda, sorta? Well that might be a stretch, but this is free association people!

  2. My first thought was a “Three little pigs” style story. Where they all have a common goal but each one handles it differently depending on their personality. Perhaps they could end up fighting and think that each one has the best idea of how to attain said goal but in the end they realize that working together is the best way to get what they want.

    • What a brilliant idea Trista! In fact, I’ve always had a weird obsession with the 3 little pigs. I guess you could call it a thinkertoy of sorts. Periodically, I imagine what life would be like after I think of different scenarios in which the 3 little pigs approach new endeavors with similar methods to those used during the construction of their houses: having setting into their new living situation (all 3 pigs in the sturdy brick house) find themselves approaching a new endeavors with the mindsets demonstrated in the original story: 1) very lazy 2) kinda lazy 3) diligent. Some that stick out in my mind are making pancakes, planning a trip, and so on. Thanks smarty!

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