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Flannel Friday: Stuck!


Hi Folks! Long time no blog!

In October, my YS dept presented our second annual Latest and Greatest in Children’s Books teacher workshop. All the material covered has to newly published (released between October 2011-September 2012, so the challenge is picking flannelizable material from a small selection of books.

Earlier this year @nikarella of Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime made the impossible possible. She made a flannelized (actually magnetized version of Stuck! by Oliver Jeffers. I read this book when it first came out, and I love this book…it’s almost flannelizable, except for the fact that flannelizing it would be TOTALLY INSANE! It’s such an absurdly madcap story, with so many pieces, only a maniac would flannelize this story! Leave it to one of original #FF bloggers, to be that maniac! I never would have considered doing this if you hadn’t done it first! Thanks lady.

Here’s my version:

Help! I forgot my tree!

Help! I forgot my tree!

Still, I wan’t quite ready to make it happen, until, well, I had to. There are a lot of pieces, but now that it’s done, I am so glad I put in the time because it’s a huge hit in storytime.

Oh, as you can see in the picture, I don’t have an actual tree to stick to the flannelboard. I actually made one, but about 5 minutes before opening the doors for  the program, I left it at home. I was frantic, until I realized, duh, the white board is magnetized, and even the most drawing impaired person can draw a tree on the spot. Plus, my tree was a little clunky, and prone to crinkling, falling and other flannelizing disasters anyway, so I’m sticking with the drawn version in the future.

And just to make flannelizing Stuck easier for the teachers, and now you, dear readers, here’s the pdf I gave to all the teachers who attending the Latest and Greatest 2012.

Just download, print, laminate, cut, magnetize…and (finally!) you’re ready to go:


Cheers dears! And I’m hosting the round up this week, so check back later tonight for the some more flannelized wackiness!

2 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Stuck!

  1. So glad you were inspired! It looks really great and I absolutely LOVE how the tree is drawn. I am definitely doing that from now on because the pieces didn’t stick very well when I used a cut out tree.

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