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Flannel Friday: Three Eggs in a Basket


Happy Flannel Friday!

I tried this one last week, and the kids loved it. Three Eggs in A Basket is another brilliant story from Judy Sierra’s Mother Goose’s Playhouse.

It begins with 3 eggs in a basket

Ta da!

we discuss the various eggs. One looks just like the eggs you buy at the grocery store. The second egg is very large. And the third egg is perfectly round and a wee bit soft. Suddenly, the first egg begins to wiggle. And with a crick crack, out pops a baby chick. Then the large egg begins to wiggle. And with a crick crack, out pops a baby duck. Then the round, soft egg begins to wiggle. And with a crick, crack, out pops a baby turtle. (BTW: when I paused after “out pops,” I got some pretty awesome ad libs…e.g. a banana, a present, COOKIES!!! you get the idea…)

turtle, duck and chick!

Finally, the mamas come looking for their hatchlings, and the babies jump up on their backs for a piggy ride! (this last detail got a lot of cheers from the kids, and thanks-a-lots from the moms. oh well.


Erin is hosting the FFRU at Falling Flannelboards.

8 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Three Eggs in a Basket

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  4. So sweet! I can think of a couple of books, crafts, and storytime themes that this would go perfectly with. :o)

    I think a HUGE egg could be for my upcoming Dinosaur Storytime. What a surprise! LOL!

    Thank you for sharing!
    ~ K ~

  5. Yes! I am going to do this for my baby animals theme. What a great way to show all the types of animals that come from eggs!

  6. This is delightful! I need to go away and make this very soon.

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