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Must-Have Music #2: Stinky Cake


So, I’m late this week, but better late than never, right?  This week’s must-have music is a doozy: Stinky Cake by Carole Peterson. One of my storytimers loved this album so much she put it in her teddy bear’s backpack. Her lovely grandmother tore the house apart looking for it, paid the fine. She only stumbled across it as they were packing the teddy bear for a pretend camping trip. I’d already ordered a couple of copies, and have no regrets. In fact, we’re having the marvelous Miss Carole perform at this library in June! Squeee!!

This is one of the must-havingest CDs ever! It’s wall-to-wall storytime hits. Ok, CD’s don’t have walls, but you know what I mean.

Get a good whiff!

Follow Me!

This album has 4 awesome movement songs.  Track 2 Shake a Friend’s Hand would make a great hello song, but it would also fit a friendship storytime. Track 13 Partner Dance would would also make a good fit for a friendship storytime. But this song is better with older kids who know each other well. Kindergarten is an ideal age. They need to be old enough to follow directions, and confident enough to switch partners. Track 4 Everybody Clap Your Hands perfect for opposites storytime, but it’s also a fun mid-storytime dance break no matter what the theme. Track 11 B-banana/Monkey See, Monkey Do is a double-feature that is exactly what it sounds like. So get ready to set your inner-monkey free for this follow-me song.

Thumbs Up! or All You Need Is Thumb!

You’ll always have the right props on-hand for two tracks on this album (ba dum ching). Ok, I’m all punned out, I promise. Track 10: Icky Sticky and Ooey Gooey is about 2 friends who like to play together. The only problem is Icky Sticky keeps getting stuck to various parts of Ooey Gooey. Kids love it. Actually if a person doesn’t like their song they’re probably a cyborg.

Track 16: Tommy Thumb Is Up! is exactly what it sounds like. Just follow along with the lyrics, and you have a great storytime activity.

3. Stinky Cake!

The title track is one of the sillest songs ever. No kid can resist a silly song about stinkiness.  In this song you’re making up a cake filled with all the stinkiest stuff you can think of: dirty socks, moldy fish, and dirty diapers. Come to think of it, this might make a good flannel board!  Flannel aside, when you play this one, make sure to hold your nose, and emphasize how grody each cake is.

6. As I Was Walking to Town

I’ve done a flannelized variation of this song featuring farm animals. However, there’s something about Peterson’s version that tickles my funny bone just a little bit more.  For some reason, maybe because the animals are city-dwellers, I picture them wearing fancy clothes. It cracks me up.

7. The Little Fish

My storytimers go bananas for this cover of a Laurie Berkner song. It’s about a school of very confused little fish. They wake up from a nap and decide to do some very unfishy things: riding bicycles, taking showers, and brushing teeth. Then the stop, “Wait a minute! We’re fish! We don’t ride bicycles! Let’s go swimming. There’s no trick to this one, just act it out, and you’ll all have a ball.

14. Great Big Man

This song is a little like Flip-Flap Jack. It’s about a weird old, who has spaghetti for hair, and a flower for a nose…etc. This would make a great flannel board song.

So find Stinky Cake by Carole Peterson, and you won’t regret it.

3 thoughts on “Must-Have Music #2: Stinky Cake

  1. Thanks for your glowing review of my cd! Have you tried the other 6? They’re just as much fun!
    Yours for a Song!
    Miss Carole!

    • Of course! I was sad when I found out your performance at my library (Niles PL) was scheduled during my a vacation a few years ago. You’re my hero. Keep up the great work, please!

  2. Im getting a little issue. I cant get my reader to pickup your rss feed, Im using aol reader by the way.

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