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You Won’t Get Busted For Bibliobopping! Q&A


I can’t believe I such a dunderhead! I forgot to mention that in past posts I’ve gone into lots of detail about this program. Here are links to 1) A program outline; 2) my 1st bibliobop playlist (I’ve added to it, but these songs are all still on it.) 3) additions to the original list of bibliobopable picture books.

Recently, I’ve had a few comments/emails asking me about Bibliobop.  I’ve been looking over my responses, and I’m embarrassed. While they’ve been encouraging, they’ve been really vague. The truth is that it really is the world’s easiest, most adaptable program to organize. (and believe me I’m about as organized as your average coyote). It’s adaptable to almost any setting, budget, population (except perhaps Bomont), etc.

So if you’re out there, and you have questions, ask me anything! No detail is too big or small, and I’ll do my best to think it through. This is a wonderful way to bring kids and they’re parents into the library.

And those of you who have done the library dance party thing, jump in and tell me all about it!

So post in the comments, or email me: cateinthelibrary (at) gmail (dot) com

7 thoughts on “You Won’t Get Busted For Bibliobopping! Q&A

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  3. My question is about copyright. Do you worry about public performance rights for the music you play?

    • That’s an excellent question Tami! it’s one that makes me a little prickly, but please don’t think any of these quills are directed at you or the question; but rather at people who think they can twist copyright law far beyond what’s reasonable or fair. I believe that artists have to right to make money for their work, that’s why I purchase the music for the collection; and I purchase multiple copies of popular albums…Anyway, that’s getting off topic… so I’ll just stop there before I start ranting conspiracy theories that it’s copyright lawyers–not artists–who line their pockets in copyright litigation…Grrrr…

      I am no expert, but I don’t think copyright applies for several reasons: 1) we don’t charge admission, and we aren’t selling the playlist; 2) the program is an educational endeavor, and we have purchased the original materials as part of our collection. Technology-wise the only way to use them in a library setting is to put the music on our department ipod. Furthermore, the ipod, and the itunes account used are password protected, meaning all reasonable measures have been taken to protect the music from piracy. 3) I always provide copy of the song list detailing the artists/albums where they can be found.

      In a few instances, patrons have told me they bought copies of albums their child’s favorite bibliobop tunes, and when they play them at home they say things like, “Miss Cate gave me this”

      Anyway, I have to say, and I know this is controversial in the library world, but I think it’s important to stand up for fair use, especially when we’re talking about a completely reasonable use of copyrighted material like a family dance party in a public library. I recently read Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright by Patricia Aufderheide. It’s an excellent read, and I found it very affirming.

      Anyway, I am no expert, but I’m confident there’s no conflict.

  4. I think it would be helpful if you could sort of plot out what you do in the program from start to finish, kind of like we do when we blog about storytimes. What do you tell patrons when you tell them about the program? What age ranges do you find are best suited to this kind of program? How do you choose which songs you will use? What involvement do the parents/caregivers have in the program? This is a new (and very interesting!) concept to me, so any information you can give would be helpful. Thanks for being so responsive and willing to share your success with us!

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