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Flannel Friday Round Up: April 20th 2012


One more update…

I missed Tracey’s post also. So check out her adorable version of those gravity-busting pachyderm. Check it out people!

Flannelization 101

Now I don’t want rank #FF contributions, but Kari Ann of MyStorytimeLife produced this fantastic…wait I said that wrong…

Kari Ann of MyStorytimeLife produced this FLANN-TASTIC video tutorial. Kari Ann and Jane Breen will be presenting a live version of Flannel This! Puppet That! (are those ooo’s and aahhs I hear for that great title!?) at the Connecticut Library Association Conference on May 8th. Good Luck ladies!

Flannel Friday Post-Easter Sale Egg-stravaganza

Welcome FFRUbies! This is the Flannel Friday Post-Easter Egg-stravaganza.

This idea was a total impulse (What me impulsive?! Never! That’s a joke… I’m a spaz!). After a wild spin around Michael’s I posted this to the #FF Facebook page:

Has anyone been to Michael’s lately? They’ve stocked their Easter stuff, and being a Jewish librarian, I don’t see “Easter stuff”, I see “story props”! I had a million ideas for storytime ideas about bunnies, chicks, and eggs. And then it came to me: We should have a “Post-Easter-Sale” Story Prop Extavaganza”.

(how did I miss that opportunity for an Egg-stravaganza?!?!) Anyway, at pre-Easter full price this junk is highway  robbery, but once they hit the clearance bins, they’re pretty irresistible. I returned to the site of my original egg-scapade, and scored a bunch great storytime props, and spent less than $5.

If you did the same! Awesome! If not, Marvelous!  All #FFs are welcome!

Geta of Miss Courtney Meets Bobo offers several bunniful ideas

I found this amazing bunny version of barrel o’ monkeys in the clearance bun at Michael’s for $0.40. They’re perfect for a bunnified version of 2 Little Blackbirds.

Kay Leigh went a little crazy with the post-Easter sales: Flannel Friday Finds Galore. Bookmark this post, she’s got some great finds and ideas!

Kendra of Delectable Dabbling offers this activity for Jim Gill’s List of Dances.

Sarah of MissSarahsStorytime is serving up birthday cake!

Linda of NotesFromTheStorytimeRoom has a creative way of hawking her library’s Summer Reading Program in local school.

Welcome Heather of NoBusinessLikeSewBusiness! She’s starting with a bang. Holy Moly, this is a fantastic Very Hungry Caterpillar

Meg of BusyCraftingMommy has this adorable flannelization of Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors and a little sleight of hand…tricky, tricky!

Lisa of LisasLibraryland asks Does a Kangaroo Have A Mother Too 

Bridget of WhatsBridgetReading waxes poetical in As I Was Going To St. Ives

Anna Bella of FutureLibrarianSuperhero made this amazing Puppet House

Monica of RamSamStorytime has these adorable sleepy sheep.

Wow Lucy Maud of InTheChildrensRoom, your nesting doll version of  Joseph Had a Little Overcoat is amazing! I love it!

Erin of LibrErin serves up this Farmer’s Market Game. It’s delicious and nutritious!

Mary of MissMaryLibrary authored this original twist on that classic ode to gluttonous grannies: There Was a Young Lady Who Rode in a Car. (You’re sending this in to publishers right?) Great work, Mary! Welcome back lady, we missed you!

Katie of StorytimeKatie flannelized this Denise Fleming classic: Lunch!

Phew! That’s a lotta flannel. Cheers dears!

If I miss you, let me know. I’m happy to update.

4 thoughts on “Flannel Friday Round Up: April 20th 2012

  1. Thanks for compiling! I’m sure it’s a LOT of work. Much appreciated!

  2. You missed mine, I posted a link via twitter with the hashtag #flannelfriday. Here’s the link–

  3. Hi Cate, there doesn’t seem to be a link to Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors?

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