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Flannel Friday Cheapo Story Props


I rummaged through the Easter clearance bin at Michael’s and found some a few items.

First these silly little bunnies:

Egg o' Bunnies

I wrote a bunnified version of 2 Little Blackbirds. I call it:

2 Little Bunnies

2 Little Bunnies
Hopping on a hill
One named Jack 
The other named Jill
Hop away Jack
Hop away Jill
Hop back Jack
Hop back Jill

I also found these bunny ear head bands. After I’m through torturing my dogs, I’ll bring them to the library to use in a reader’s theater

Ruby the bunny-dog

Fozzy the bunny-dog

No dogs were actually turned into bunnies in the making of this post.

Cheers! I’m hosting this week. So check out the #FFRU here.

Hit the rainbow button in the sidebar for the pinterest archive. And enjoy the weekend!

3 thoughts on “Flannel Friday Cheapo Story Props

  1. LM*O! Your dogs make adorable bunnies but you can just see that they are wondering “why me?” LOL!

    I also picked up the Egg Full of Bunnies. They are really fun to play with! I plan to use them at a couple of Family Game Nights throughout the year. And maybe make a colors recognition and counting game with them. 🙂

    Have fun with your finds. They are awesome!

    • FYI, they both got lovely pieces of “magic cheese” to make up for their suffering. fyi: “magic cheese” is really just normal cheese, but they go so nuts for it, that they swear it has been made by pixies.

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