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Flannel Friday Round Up 3.23.12


Hello Everybody! Happy Flannel Friday!

Here’s what’s happening in the world of flannel boards:


Hi Everyone. I am so sorry I missed the following posts:

Seth (or is it Sethers?) offers a fish only a mother could love: Ugly Fish

Andrea of rovingfiddlehead offers these lovely simple shapes

Lisa of lisaslibraryland offers these colorful birds

And here’s another sharp-toothed story from across the pond, libraryqune gives us Mr. Shark

Katie from Recipe For Reading offers this ode to a loyal little puff ball: Mary’s Little Lamb

Jeanie of totallytodder wrote an adorable original story for this bookish tale: The Little Red Book Who Wanted To Read

Hurray for Spring!

Kay Leigh of librarystorytimeabcs welcomes the spring with a small gray friend: Mouse’s First Spring

Jane of piperlovesthelibrary is also a friend to the tiny rodents. “Mice Are Nice” says she.

Tara of storytimewithmisstara offers a zillion excellent ideas for spring storytimes

Sarah of ReadSarahRead (holy moly, this is awesome!) is hosting a very delicate guest: The Princess and the Pea

Meghan of busycraftingmommy offers this ode to mommy-arms: Mommy Carry Me Please

Mary of missmaryliberry is splashing in the tub: 5 Rubber Ducks

The floor is rumbling over at @ Kari Ann’s blog mystorytimelife: elephants!

Blub, Blub, Blub: These Stories With Make A Splash

Mary of missmaryliberry is splashing in the tub: 5 Rubber Ducks

And these have bite!

Tracey of 1234morestorytimes is floating gently on the stream: Row Row Row Your Boat (but don’t let the alligator get you!)

Lucy of inthechildrensroom brings you this story from the under of the sea: Chomp Like A Shark

Sharon of RainMakesApplesauce has a litter of long-eared, nibblers: 10 Hungry Rabbits

Katie of Story Time Secrets isn’t the shushing type, so Let’s Make A Noise!

Katie of storytimekatie is rolling the bones to build the Lorax

Shawn of Read!Rhyme!Sing! is flannelizing for funds!

Susanne of Fussy Hen offers this awesome flannelized tangram 

Oh and here’s mine: 5 Little Puppies

If I missed you comment here, and I’ll update asap.

Check out the pinterest archive for ideas of #FFRU from the past.

Cheers dears!

5 thoughts on “Flannel Friday Round Up 3.23.12

  1. Can you add: I put it on Twitter,but I may have been too early. Thanks for doing this!

  2. Hey Cate, I put a link on facebook but I guess mine got missed. If you have a chance to add me in, my link is If not, no big deal. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for doing the round-up this week. Awesome job!

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