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Flannel Friday: 5 Fluffy Puppies

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Happy Flannel Friday!

I have digging into our music collection lately for several reasons: 1) I manage the collection for our department (so I have to for purchasing and weeding purposes, 2) I’m developing a spin-off the Bibliobop Dance Parties (a popular program I developed the summer before last): Bibliobop Sing-Alongs, and 3) I’m in love with ECRR2.

I plan to start blogging regularly about storytime music. I’m thinking Music Mondays as a compliment to Flannel Fridays.

This storytime gem is a must-have for every storytime collection:

A Hop, Skip, and a Jump by Pam Donkin

this #FF is paired with an adorable counting song: 5 Fluffy Puppies by Pam Donkin (here’s a link to the mp3 download on amazon). It can be done in one of 2 ways: 1) a prop story using plush dogs like these:

pile of puppies

or 2) a reader/singer’s theater

Or make some cute felt dogs necklaces for kids to wear as costumes

I am hosting the #FFRU this week. And for more storytime ideas checkout the archive on pinterest

Sharon is hosting the 2012 Summer Reading “Dream Big, Read” Theme Extravaganza next week.

One thought on “Flannel Friday: 5 Fluffy Puppies

  1. I always love hearing about good storytime music! Thanks for sharing your ideas for some puppy fun!

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