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Flannel Friday: I Went To The Lake


Happy Flannel Friday!

Storytime was awesome yesterday. My theme was ducks, I’ll post my storytime outline a little later.

I borrowed my #FF this week from the lovely  Fran McKinney.  She presented at the Chicago Metro AEYC Opening Minds conference in January.

If you ever get the chance to catch her one of her presentations, DO NOT SKIP IT! She is delightful, and her storytime ideas are a cut above. Actually, that’s an understatement…They’re about as good as it gets.  She also has a new CD with several awesome storytime tracks. It’s a must-have for every storytime room. You can preview the tracks on her CDBaby profile.

Party at the pond

This is less a felt board, but it fills the loose #FF framework. It could not be easier to replicate.

A while ago, I found a bunch of these dinky little throw blankets in the cheapo bins at Target for $1 each. I picked up a few, and have the, stashed away for a rainy day. I cut off the hem, and it makes an excellent little pond or lake.

I spread out the “lake” in the middle of the floor, and  we all gathered around it. I brought out our great big bag of little  stuffed animals, and dumped the whole thing on the floor. There’s more than enough for every child to have one–at least 40. (This always creates a bit of crazed excitement, to say the least). Then I picked up the first thing I could find, and sang this zipper song:

I Went to the Lake
(Tune: Do Your Ears Hang Low) 

I went to the lake
And who was there
Bubba* found a duck**
that was really scared

and the duck did jump (bounce the animal)
And the duck did shake (shake the animal)
And fell from  Bubba’s hand
and jumped in the lake (hop the animal into the lake)

Boom-diddi-ada quack quack***

*Child’s name
***Animal sound

But here’s me singing the tune (at very rapid pace). DON’T MAKE FUN! I have the world’s silliest voice.

Update: Wow! I said I would post  a clip of this song, but that it turns out wordpress is a big a-hole! Anyway, after trying about a zillion different methods I finally found a semi-acceptable way to post a 17-second clip.  That was a pain in the butt! Believe it or not the simplest ways was to use my beloved animoto. 

Don’t laugh!


Hey! You promised you wouldn’t laugh!!!!

Meghan the busycraftingmommy is our lovely hostess this week. And don’t forget the archive!


10 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: I Went To The Lake

  1. Awesome idea and thank you for sharing the sound clip and the piccture!

  2. Thanks for sharing! This is awesome!

  3. This looks really fun! And linking how the song should sound is very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for sticking it out and figuring out how to link the song. You sang it better than I ever could! It sure helps to hear it. Very cute!

  5. LOVE IT!
    I am glad you shared the link to how the song should go! Helped a lot!
    WOOHOO! Great singing!

    • Thanks. At least it’s a short clip. 🙂

      • Hi Cate!
        Fran McKinney here.
        Nice clip of the song! Thanks for including the info on my cd and website. Also, I loved your comments about my workshop! May I quote you on my website? Please let me know. Thanks!
        Love the work you do on this website—great to reach out to others and share! Thanks again—Fran McKinney

      • Please do. It’s my pleasure, i just loved your workshops. I’ve been bursting with ideas ever since. My name is Cate (BTW :))

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