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Flannel Friday: Hey, Mr. Snowman


I swiped this one from the lovely Miss Allison. My storytimers went soooooooooooo bananas over it, that did it twice.

Hey, Mr. Snowman

It goes like this:

I went walking through a winter wonderland
I spied a snowman who needed a hand.

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 eyes so I can see.”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 1 carrot nose so that I can sniff”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 stick arms so I can wave.”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 blue mittens to warm my hands”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 red boots on my feet”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need one purple scarf to stay cozy”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need a top hat to look snazzy!”

Once again, thank you Allison for such a delightful flannel board. My storytimers and I will enjoy for many storytimes to come!

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13 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Hey, Mr. Snowman

  1. I wish I had this one the other week when we did our snow theme! Now I am trying to think how I can sneak it into one of my themes in the next few weeks…hmmm….Thanks for the idea!

  2. I really like the look of Mr. Snowman. He’s cozy and warm in that scarf and Look! 2 Mittens! He’s holding them up like he’s happy to see them. This is a great way to incorporate I went walking and I wish I’d thought of it!

  3. I love everything about this!

  4. What a cute idea! I’ll definitely be using this for a snow/winter theme next winter.

  5. Love it! I also love the way all the Flannel Friday contributors take an idea and make it their own. 🙂 So many little ones are really benefiting from everyone’s sharing!

  6. I’ve used this rhyme and my teens made the flannel snowman. We used it for our teen snowy storytime (where the teens tell the stories) and it was a huge hit!

  7. Kinda jealous of your storytime kids for this one.

  8. Looks like a lot of fun for a chilly, snowy day!

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