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Flannel Friday: Hey, Mr. Snowman

I swiped this one from the lovely Miss Allison. My storytimers went soooooooooooo bananas over it, that did it twice.

Hey, Mr. Snowman

It goes like this:

I went walking through a winter wonderland
I spied a snowman who needed a hand.

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 eyes so I can see.”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 1 carrot nose so that I can sniff”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 stick arms so I can wave.”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 blue mittens to warm my hands”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need 2 red boots on my feet”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need one purple scarf to stay cozy”

“hey Mr. snowman what do you need?”
“I need a top hat to look snazzy!”

Once again, thank you Allison for such a delightful flannel board. My storytimers and I will enjoy for many storytimes to come!

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Flannel Friday: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Happy Flannel Friday Bibliophiles!

I’m buried in book trailers at the moment, so I have to make this quick. You may have seen this flannel board version of storytime classic We’re Going On A Bear Hunt before. I found this free pattern on Making Learning Fun:

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

It’s cute, and super simple. You can make the lion variation (if you’re into that kind of thing.)

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Flannel Friday: My Froggy Valentine

Hello my little Valentines!

Here’s a silly little V-Day story I found in our holiday collection.

My Froggy Valentine by Matt Novak

Princess Polly is looking for her Prince Charming, but the only men she meets are frogs.

Princess Polly and the frogs

Each one promises that a kiss from a beautiful princess will turn him into a prince.

She’s an open-minded girl, so she gives it a whirl:


Instead of turning into a handsome prince, the frog turns into a hairy beast.

Your Royal Hairy Beastness

“Wait, just a minute, you said you’d turn into a prince, but I know a hairy beast when I see one!”

“I’m prince of all the hairy beasts.”

Froggy #2:


Your Royal Ogreness

And on and on. In the end, it turns out that when Princess Polly kisses the 4th frog she (SPOILER ALERT!) turns into a frog… so Princess polly was actually a frog under a magic spell that had turned her into a person. She and her froggy prince hop off into the sunset together and live hoppily ever after. (oops, I forgot to take a picture of P.Polly as a frog, I’ll do that tomorrow, and add it.)

I used our frog dye cut to make the frogs, and then cobbled little creatures together on the flip side. It was a fun, if at times frustrating process. But it’s coming together, and i can’t wait to use it for my V-Day storytimes.

Happy Flannel Friday!

XO to Anna for hosting this mush fest!

I am coining a term that’s been a lifetime in the coming:

Pulling a Cate: forgetting until the very last second the particular details of an assigned project/event; forgetting (until the very last second) the deadlines an assigned project/event.

Usage: Sorry #FFRUers! I forgot that the V-day #FF was happening this week. I have something in the works, but I’ll be posting a little late today. I’m posting this, so I can send Anna a link for the #FFRU at a reasonable hour.

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Flannel Friday: Eggs For Breakfast

Happy New Year Flannel Fridayers, oh how I’ve missed you so!

This is a simple, but fun flannel board I like to use for Yummy Storytime! It’s called Eggs for Breakfast. It’s one of the zillion wonderful storytime ideas you can find in one of my all-time favorite storytime resources:

Ready-To-Go Storytimes

If you don’t have this in your professional collection, I highly recommend it!

Eggs For Breakfast

One morning I woke up early and no one was up yet. So I decided to
make eggs for breakfast.

I picked up one egg and sang, “Give it a whack, here it crack, drop it in
the middle, one egg’s frying on the griddle.”

Just then, sis came into the kitchen rubbing her eyes.

She said, “I want one too!”

I picked up one egg and we sang, “Give it a whack, here it crack, drop it
in the middle, two eggs frying on the griddle.”

Here comes dad nodding his head. He likes his on toasted bread.

I pick up one egg and we sand, “Give it a whack, here it crack, drop it in
the middle, three eggs frying on the griddle.”

Here comes mom. She gave me a wink, “Looks good! I’ll have one too!”

I picked up one egg and we all sang, “Give it a whack, here it crack, drop
it in the middle, four eggs frying on the griddle.”

We’re all here it’s time to eat!

Miss Mollie

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