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My Storytime Rhyme Database


Sadly, it took me several minutes to realize that might be one of the nerdiest blog headlines in the history of blog headlines

When I started my current job, I asked my coworker, the marvelous (and generous) Ms. Shelley, if she had a list of favorite storytime books. She said yes, and I asked to see it. Now I expect it to be large, but I was thinking it would be maybe 600-700 books.  I wasn’t even close. One look at the nearly 1500 titles, I said, “Holy moly! This list needs a database!”

I used Zoho Creator to make a database from the spreadsheet. Once I got the fields set up, all I had to do is cut and paste the spreadsheet, and it came out exactly how I wanted it. It’s easy to maintain. Anytime we read a new picture book on the new books shelf, it takes about 10 seconds to add it to the database. It’s searchable by topic/author/title. It’s my first stop when I’m planning storytime. I still use resources like Hennepin County Library’s ELSIE from time to time, but the best part of producing this one ourselves is that all the titles in this database are in our library’s picture book collection.

After a while I realized the same format would work for storytime rhymes.  Unlike the read-aloud database, I had to start this one from scratch. And like I said, I’ve been slowly adding rhymes to my collection of tried-and-true favorites. In order to avoid information overload, I tried stick with rhymes I really enjoy sharing in storytime. It isn’t nearly as large as the read-aloud database, only about 130 entries. but I was going through it the other day and realized it’s turning into a well-rounded collection. It covers a wide variety of themes and topics, and I thought now is as good a time as any to share it.

Here’s a link to my storytiming rhyme database

So check it out, use it, and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “My Storytime Rhyme Database

  1. Thanks so much for sharing all your hard work. For persons who are less organized, like myself, this kind of thing is great!!! I am finding that trying to keep them all in my head is not working so well. Thanks, again.

    • I just showed my mom your comment, and it brought tears to her eyes. “someone called my baby organized!?!” I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so proud. LOL. Let’s just say in my 33years this is a pretty rare moment. Anyway thanks for making my mom’s day. And feel free to use the DB anytime.

  2. Heh, thanks for sharing! I’ve been thinking of doing somthing similar myself. Not heard of ZoHo before though, so hadn’t considered using it.

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