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Flannel Friday Round Up 11.18.11



I’m here! Sorry for the delay folks, but this #FFRU is ENORMOUS! I think we have 16 so far this week. Is this a record? I’ll check and get back on that one.

I said in my post that I’d be happy to post late posts over the weekend (I refuse to skip a single football game this weekend (I worked Saturday, Sunday AND Monday evening, so I’m jonseing for the gridiron. GO BEARS!)

#FFRU 11.18.11

UPDATE: I am so sorry Tracey and Katie! I just saw your posts in my google reader account. I must have missed them on my twitter search.


Check out Tracey of 1234 More Storytimes awesome hot dogs!

And Katie of Storytime Secrets sings We Eat Turkeys!

We have 2 adorable versions of the classic homage to the matron of gluttony: I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie. They are very different and delightful:

Alison of Miss Alison Is Blogging offers her version

Natasha the Arty Librarian’s has hers.

Anne Clark of so tomorrow has enough to go around in her version of ‎Two of Everything

Mary Kuehner of Miss Mary Liberry gets Froggy ready for his first romp in the snow in Froggy Gets Dressed! (Spoiler alert: He forgets his underwear! hahahahhahah)

The mercury may be dropping, but according to Andrea Flemming of RovingFiddleHead Kidlit (and me!) it’s never to cold for Ice Cream

The Metamorphosis will be flannelized! by Melissa of Mel’s Desk. She’s sharing her version of Very Hungry Caterpillar. (You’re welcome, Mel.)

Sarah of Read Rabbit Read is talkin’ 5 Little Turkeys! Like, gobble gobble, dudes.
Meghan, the Busy Crafting Mommy posted several AWESOME T-Day flannel boards. PLUS, she posted an announcement for a special Holiday Extravaganza Giveaway 🙂
Mollie of What Happens In Storytime… offers these 3 Marvelous T-day flannel boards

Linda of Notes From The Storytime Room adapted one of my favorite 398s: Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle.

Elizabeth of Read Mrs. D posted a delightfully colorful version of Turkey Feathers.

Sarah Holtkamp of AWESOME STORYTIME (and a former classmate of mine, hi Sarah!) offers this awesome autumnal sing-along.

Lisa of Story Time With The Library Lady is quite the foxy lady behind the mask.

Kate of Recipe for Reading offers a great big bowl o’ lemons from which to make sweet lemonade: Five Big Lemons. (I LOVE IT!)

Sarah‘s bears are getting shmushed in here adorable version of Five In a Bed. Those bears are #(&*$ing cute!

And if you’ve made it this far, you’re a champ!

Here’s my Reader’s Theater version of The Glerp by David McPhail. GLERP!

Had enough?

NO?!?! Well then get your butt over to the Flannel Friday archive on Pinterest and the Flannel Friday Facebook Group.

Ms. Anne maintains the schedule of #FFRU past, present, and future.

Did I miss anyone? If so, let me know.

Happy Flannel Friday everyone!

5 thoughts on “Flannel Friday Round Up 11.18.11

  1. I am SO getting a Tshirt with “The metamorphosis will be flannelized” on it! Thanks, Cate, this is a huge round-up!

  2. Hi, did you leave the link off Sarah’s post, or will I find it on FB?

    • Which Sarah did I miss? We’ve got several Kates and Sarahs. So I apologize for the mix up. I’m happy to fix it.

      • Sarah at awesome storytime – the link is to FB rather than the post – found it via FB though, and it’s very good!

  3. Hi, Just to remind everyone that the WINTER & HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA will be posted on 2nd December over on my blog To quote Anne at SoTomorrow, “On December 2nd, we will be hosting a Winter/Holiday Extravaganza, so we are asking everyone to post their winter or holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, St. Nicholas Day, etc., etc.,) flannel stories on that day”. I have also designed a special button for Holiday Flannelers which will be available on the day!

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