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Flannel Friday: “Buzz,” said the Bee

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This week’s Flannel Friday was adapted from an adorable book in the “readers” collection. I nabbed the images from clip art.

"Buzz," Said The Bee by Wendy Cheyette Lewison

I think there are several versions of this story, but this is the one I used.  It begins:

“Once there was a bee who sat on a duck.

“Quack,” said the duck. “There’s a bee on me.”
And the duck said, “Scat,” but the bee just sat.
So the duck quacked again and sat on a hen.

The mayhem continues as each animal responds to the injustice of being sat on by sitting on someone else…

Hen sits on pig

Pig sits on cow.

Cow sits on sheep.

To finish up sheep said “baaaa” (take it off the board)

the cow said “moo” (take it off the board, and repeat with the pig, hen, and duck.

Finish up saying, The bee said, “buzz.” And that’s all there was.

Happy Flannel Friday!

Sharon is hosting the #FFRU this week at Rain Makes Applesauce. (And I see she made an amazing flannel board version of one of my all-time favorite readers, Baa-choo by Sarah Weeks! Does this mean the reader section is an untapped goldmine of flannelizing potential? I will investigate this matter, and report back.) And check out the #FFRU archive on pinterest.

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