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Flannel Friday Round Robin: Flannelizable, Defined


Calling all #FlannelFriday-ers

In the spirit of this glorious blogging tradition, I’d like to propose  a special #FlannelFriday Round Robin!

I’d like to invite #FFers, children’s librarians, and anyone else uses flannelboards to help me answer this question:

What makes a story (picture book, song, rhyme, game, etc) flannelizable?

If you’d like to participate, click here. Then you can blog/comment/email your findings. I’d like to compile them, so if post a link in my comments section, I’ll add it like we do with the #FFRU.

Here’s how I am going to approach this question:

1) Why did I choose these stories?

2) How (and/or why) did I interpret/adapt the material? And why not just present it as-is?

3) Storytime Triumphs vs. Storytime FAILS!

4 thoughts on “Flannel Friday Round Robin: Flannelizable, Defined

  1. book has a simple straight forward story(sometimes), book is too small to share as easily, presents a way to layer pieces to make props or characters changeable- i.e.: puts on a hat, a mask, a designed covering of some sort- shiny glittery or textured = even better- very engaging and appealing- usually my kids like these stories the best, also story with humor, unexpected, silly repetitive sound effects , rhymes, sing- songy catch phrases, have been investigating why some stories in general are more appealing than others for my kids- I always ask if they liked it, and why or why not? It is very informative and interesting- what we as adults think will be loved is not always – a 3 or a 4 yr old has sometimes a very different sense of what is appealing than an adult mind trying to figure out what a child will like-We need to remind ourselves of this sometimes.

  2. I am finally drafting an answer to this! I just need to add some pics and then I’ll give you the link. Thanks!

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