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Flannel Friday: Bedtime, Little Monsters


Halloween is fast approaching.  Anyway, I have several Halloween-related library events on my calendar this year.  So I decided to do some serious digging through our picture book collection for some fresh monster-witch-ghost-skeleton-etc.-stories to get my storytime juices flowing.

I discovered several gems that I’d never read before. A few of them are ideal for “flannelization”. I started thinking about this, and it gave me an idea…

Calling all #FlannelFriday-ers

In the spirit of this glorious blogging tradition, I’d like to propose  a special #FlannelFriday Round Robin!

I’d like to invite #FFers, children’s librarians, and anyone else uses flannelboards to help me answer this question:

What makes a story (picture book, song, rhyme, game, etc) flannelizable?

If you’d like to participate, click here. Then you can blog/comment/email your findings. I’d like to compile them, so if post a link in my comments section, I’ll add it like we do with the #FFRU.

Here’s how I am going to approach this question:

1) Why did I choose these stories?

2) How (and/or why) did I interpret/adapt the material? And why not just present it as-is?

3) Storytime Triumphs vs. Storytime FAILS!

And now here’s my flannel friday this week:

Bedtime Little Monsters by Emma Harris.

Out of respect for the author, I won’t write out the full text, but here are some highlights:

“Bedtime Little Monsters!”
But the monsters want some fun, 
Scamper, scamper! Crash and bang!
Quickly! Off they run. 

And here’s where the fun really gets going: it’s a monster scavenger hunt!

Sneaky little rascals!

Ask the kids to join in as you go through the house to find little monsters in their hiding spots.

It's orange monster!

“Who ‘s that hiding in the bed? It’s orange monster!”

When you find one, remove it, and tuck it into the big monster bed.

So cozy!

It’s a work in progress. Any ideas what to do with the red, green and blue monsters? I changed the hiding places because the ones in the books were a little hard to flannelize. Any ideas?

Check out the roundup and the pinterest.

5 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Bedtime, Little Monsters

  1. adorable. I like having the realistic places to hide (adds to spookiness but you should probably avoid one under the bed :)…would a closet be too scary? how about behind a bookshelf…and behind a really big cookie jar? or garbage can (older parents would ‘get’ the Sesame Street connection)D

    • trash can and cookie jar! those are great ideas, thanks Debbie! I’ll go with those. Closet might be a little scary. I went with in the bed rather than under the bed to avoid that issue. maybe a bread box

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