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Flannel Friday: Hello, Day!

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This week’s Flannel Friday is a felt version of a wonderful book:

Hello, Day! by Anita Lobel

This is a wondeful storytime book. The illustrations of vivid, the text is concise, and the typeface is bold. I see the felt board as story stretcher, rather than an alternative the reading the book aloud.

Anyway, out of respect the the author I will try to avoid writing the full text. But like I said, the text is concise. I was not exaggerating. The total word count is a whopping 68 (yes, I just counted!)

It begins:

The sun rose. Good Morning.

Then we meet all the major players in the barnyard-animal world starting with the rooster.

The rooster said, “Cock-a-doodle-doo!”

Here's the menagerie.

I lay them out one at a time, and have the kids fill in the animal sound.

What they meant was, “Good morning!”

The sun set. The moon rose.

Then we turn to a lone little own under the moon.

Whooo-ooo is the one staying up all night?


The owl said, “Whoo-ooo.”What she meant was…

“Good night!”

Tracey is hosting the round-up this week, so go to 1234 More Storytimes for more flannel board ideas.






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