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Flannel Friday: The Teeny Tiny Spider

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This Flannel Friday is a creepy crawly one:


Oh, it's cute, but GET IT OFF!!!

The teeny tiny spider
Began to crawl on me
I found him on my leg
to be exact, my knee.

The teeny tiny spider
Crawled up onto my chest.
this was such a long trip,
he took a little rest.

The teeny tiny spider
Headed for my arm.
It tickled quite a bit,
But I knew he meant no harm.

The teeny tiny spider
Crawled up on my finger.
He landed on my thumb,
But he didn’t want to linger.

I helped him to my face
And placed him on my nose
Then he lost his balance
And fell down to my toes.

The teeny tiny spider
Went upon his way
He’d clearly had enough
Of his crawling for the day.

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One thought on “Flannel Friday: The Teeny Tiny Spider

  1. Love your spider (nice and quick to make, I’m guessing) and rhyme – now I’m thinking a spider-themed storytime – so many themes, so little time!

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