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Flannel Friday: Can You Guess My Breakfast?


My Flannel Friday this week is Can You Guess My Breakfast. I’m putting the pellon I purchased to good use. I found this in the same book as Bug In a Rug.

Felt Board Fingerplays by Liz & Dick Wilmes

This is an excellent felt board book. These 2 are definitely my favorite selections from this book, but I have about 5 or 6 more of the stories from this book on my “to do eventually” list. This is a very cute silly story. I only changed it a little bit. I added the part about the pancakes…

Can You Find My Breakfast?

Eddie lives on a farm with his family. Everyone in Eddie’s family has a job to do to make sure all the work gets done.  is responisible for feeding the animals in the barn. He has to wake up very early in the morning in order to get his chores done before breakfast.

One morning, Eddie was having a really hard time waking up. He rolled out of bed, and walked sleepily into the barn. The animals were all waiting for their breakfasts:

The Animals and Eddie

Eddie yawned, and groggily dished out their breakfasts:

Something isn't right.

I layout the mismatched breakfasts, and go through them one at a time.  Eddie trudged back to the farm-house with his own delicious breakfast of hay under his arm.  He said hello to his mother. I like to draw this part out. He set it on a plate. He  took a knife and fork out of the drawer, smothered butter on top, and poured warm maple syrup all over it. He cut an extra-big bite, and just as he was bringing it to his mouth, Eddie’s mom finally turned around, and said, “EDDIE, WAKE UP! THAT HAY IS FOR THE COWS!”

Eddie’s eyes popped open! He was wide awake. He jumped up from the table, grabbed the hay, and ran to the barn as fast as he could. We need to help Eddie fix this breakfast mix-up! (Together, we discuss which animal gets which breakfast)

All is right on the farm

Anne is the hostess with the mostest this week. She’s trying a new method for sharing. So if you’d like to participate, paste a link in the comment section of her blog.  And if you want so check out so tomorrow (today) for the roundup.

6 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Can You Guess My Breakfast?

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  2. Excellent! My animal-themed storytime is turning into an all flannelboard affair. Hey! There’s an idea! All-flannelboard storytime!

  3. Thanks for the quick reply! That’s funny – p. 32 in my 1997 edition is “Let’s build a scarecrow”! Anyway, using your idea plus the animals from the book works fine – can make the foods easily. 🙂

  4. LOVE your ideas – and have the same Felt Board book! Can’t find the breakfast one in the book, however – ?? Having your idea is inspirational enough, though! Am looking forward to the others you plan to work up as well. Thanks!

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