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My New Quieting Rhyme

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We are trying something new with our registered storytimes  this year. For the last 2 years (as long as I’ve been working here) we’ve had one long storytime session in the fall, and another in spring. When that one fills up, patrons would have to wait several months for the next one to start.  Then we took a long “winter break” in between sessions.

Anyway, the sessions seemed long and unweildy.  I like establishing routines/rituals in storytime, but even the most run rituals lose their shine after 13-14 repetitions.  This year we’ve scheduled 6-week storytime sessions, with 2-week breaks between session. I think this is much more manageable. In fact, I’ve even written out storytime outlines ahead of time for this first session. I’ll post them over the weekend. Today, I wrote my PreK Storytime Template.

This is going to sound super picky, but I’ve never found a quieting rhyme that I enjoy using over and over again. And let’s face it: quieting rhymes have to stand up to wear and tear because they get a lot of use.  I didn’t write the following rhyme from scratch, but I borrowed some ideas from various rhymes  (e.g. Roly Poly, Wiggle My Fingers, etc.) and put my own spin on it.

Here it goes:

I Stretch My Hands

I stretch my hands way up high
Until they nearly reach the sky.

Then I stretch them way down low
To see how very far they’ll go.

I bend my knees, cross my feet
Lower my bum, and take a seat.

I’ll try it out on my new PreK storytimers next week, and report back next week.

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