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Flannel Friday: Bug In A Rug


I have a confession to make: I never used a flannel board before I started participating in #FlannelFriday. Well that’s not completely true. I tried 2x to use a flannel board story in storytime. They were both major storytime FAILS! Both experiences were so traumatic that I almost (and probably should have) just stopped in the middle.**** Also, I’m something of a scatterbrain; and idea of keeping track of all those pieces gave me hives. Anyway, to make a long excuse short, I just put it off for a while. Flannel Friday got my creative juices flowing. Ever since I started participating in this weekly tradition, I’ve been using including a flannel board (or at least an alt storytelling method) in every storytime.

Now that summer reading is over, and the storytime season (a.k.a. the school year) begins. It seemed like a good time to weed the storytime collection in our department. It took some time, but we’ve made some room for new stuff. I also discovered the magic of pellon. I love it!  I went to Joanne Fabric and bought a bunch of it. I’ve already used it to make 2 flannel boards. Pros: Tracing, cheap, great for layered/hide-and-seek stories Cons: not super durable (some of the older flannels in our collection have faded, and turned yellow (ick!)). I don’t know when these pellon boards were made, so I can’t say how long it takes for them to get icky. I guess, I’ll just have to wait and see. If they last a few years, and I use them over and over again. I won’t mind remaking them.

So this flannel friday (and probably for the next few weeks) features PELLON!

I took this one from:

Felt Board Fingerplays by Liz & Dick Wilmes

Bug In A Rug is part rhyme, part memory game. First I set up the bugs like this:

Here are the bugs

I ask the kids to help me identify each one.

Then I turn the board around, and I hide one of the bugs under the rug. When  I turn it back around we say this rhyme:

Bug in a rug
Bug in a rug
Which one of you bugs
Is snug in my rug?

Where is mosquito?

To switch it up a little, I put 2 bugs under the rug.

Where's the ladybug and beetle?

To make it a little easier, I let a little hint peak out on the side.

I see a little wing!



This week’s Flannel Friday roundup will be hosted by Mollie. Check out the #FFArchove here. Don’t forget Flannel Friday on pinterest!

****How does a person mess up a flannel board story? #1) The storyteller (me) bumps the board at the climax of the story, and all the flannel pieces fall to the floor in a messy little pile. #2) too embarrassing, and confusing to explain.

9 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Bug In A Rug

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  3. You have the cutest ideas Cate, thanks for sharing

  4. I guess the pieces are more likely to fall off if the board is more upright, is that right? I over-compensted the first time, and found the self-adhesive velco dots I used were tearing up the board (only a little bit, but over time … )

    • i dunno if the angle of the board would have mattered in that particular case because i whacked it pretty hard. i’m just glad i didn’t drop an f-bomb, it hurt! lately, I’ve been using our rolling easel. It’s a wedge with a flannel board on one side, and a dry erase board on the other. it’s at an angle, and so far, no flannel piece storms. i also can’t actually tip the whole think over, which i worry about even though it hasn’t happened yet.

  5. I’ve bumped the board and spilled the pieces. I’ve also had a “Little Mouse” flannel go awry when the house mouse was hiding under decided to reveal itself ahead of time…you are not alone!

    That being said, I so need to make this one — super cute!

  6. I love using Pellon too. I colored mine with markers and only once did I have some figures bleed onto each other after being stored for several years. Just put paper between them. I did all my figures that way from 1990 until I left in 2006 and they were fine all that time. Also, you’ll get used to the flannel board the more you use it. I learned the hard way not to wear new shoes when you are enthusiastically telling a flannel board story. I landed on my bottom but promptly got up and acted as if it were part of the story. It was my two-year-old program and the twos didn’t seem to mind and the moms were too polite to say anything so it worked out fine. My current library uses a magnet board and at my last storytime the magnets kept falling off the pieces. Of course they were fine when I checked beforehand.

    • phew! I’m not the only one! i haven’t fallen during a storytime, yet. there’s always time. thanks for sharing you’re experiences.

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