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I’m For The Kids!

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I’m working on the children’s reference desk this evening. We were crazy busy today, but it has settled down, and now it’s pretty quiet. A little girl just walked into the children’s department, spread her arms wide, and declared, “THIS IS MY SECTION. IT’S ALL MINE!”

On another note, I’ve received several emails and comments from librarians who are hosting dance parties in their libraries.   They all say they’ve been a big hit. Awesome! They really are ridiculously fun.

Valerie Bird Fort (a LMS and blogger from South Carolina) put together a stellar “Let’s Dance” storytime. She posted this storytime plan on her blog, Library Goddess, so check it out. Her Pete the Cat Shishkabobs blew my mind!

In this post she mentions that she brought a Wii in so the kids could play Just Dance, which is crazy, because I had the idea to do a Just Dance Gaming program the other day after stumbing across this amazing video a 3 y.o. twins playing Just Dance 2 in matching outfits. I’ve watched in like 200 times this week, and I’m still not sick of it. Enjoy!

One thought on “I’m For The Kids!

  1. Thanks for the mention! Dance storytimes are the bomb!

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