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Flannel Friday: The Fox With Cold Feet


This Flannel Friday is a very silly story about a not-so-cunning fox:

The Fox With Cold Feet by Bill Singer

The Fox with Cold Feet by Bill Singer. This book is out of print. My library doesn’t own a copy. In fact only 2 libraries in our ILL area have it, so if figure it’s time to flannalize it. Another thing about this story, as much as I love it, it’s a bit on the wordy side. I’d almost go as far to say it’s a cinematic book. There’s a lot of dialogue, and I think this would be great as a one-on-one read-aloud or even a great cartoon short. For storytime, however, it’s a little clunky. So, I think the flannel version will allow me to streamline the telling, and make it a little easier for preschoolers to digest.

Anyway, here’s my version,

Fox walked out of his den one morning to find a fresh blanket of bright white snow.

“oooooo,” he said, “My feet are cold!”


Sparrow was flying by looking for something to eat, and he overheard fox’s compaint.

“Silly Fox, snow is cold, you need boots!” said Sparrow

“Boots! you’re right, do you know where I can find some boots?” asked Fox.

“I sure do, follow me.”

Fox followed sparrow, and as he ran he sand his favorite song:

I’m quick and spry,
clever and sly

They came to an elm tree, and sparrow pointed to the bottom of the tree trunk and said, “dig here, you will find the boot under ground.”

Fox dug, and dug, and dug some more.

Finally, he said, “uh Sparrow, I don’t see any boots, all I found were these seeds.”

Sparrow swooped down, and ate up all the seeds, “MMMM good, good, excellent seeds.Yummy Yum Yum.”

“What about my boots?” asked Fox.

Sparrow looked around and saw an old bird’s nest. “Here’s a boot.”

Fox shrugged, since he had never seen a boot before, he tried it on. It fit, but the twigs poked at his paw.

“You’ll need to break it in, of course,” said Sparrow.

Fox shrugged and walked on. Maybe Beaver will help me find another boot.

So he walked on to find Beaver. As he walked he sang his song,

I’m quick and spry,
clever and sly

“Hello, Beaver, I’m looking for some boots, can you help me.”

Beaver looked around, “Hmm I saw some boots earlier, under that pile of sticks. If you move those sticks over to that other pile of sticks, I’m sure you’ll find them.”

So Fox moved the pile of sticks over to the other pile of sticks. When he was finished, Beaver said, “OOOO my cozy home is finally done! I’m going to take a long nap.”

“What about my boots,” asked Fox.

Beaver looked around, he saw a pail. “Here’s a boot.”

That didn’t look anything like the boot Sparrow gave him. But he tried it on, “BBBrrrr! It’s very cold.”

“You have to break it in,” said Beaver. “Walk around, and it will warm up.”

So Fox walked on, and sang his song

I’m quick and spry,
clever and sly

after he clanked around for while his foot did warm up a bit.

He passed raccoon, and since he still needed 2 more boots, he asked raccoon, “Have you seen any boots”

“Hmmmm” said Raccoon, “Now that you mention it, I saw some boots in that trash can just the other day. If you knock it over, I’m sure they’re still there.”

So Fox pushed, and he pulled, pushed and pulled, until finally he knocked over the trash can. Raccoon leaped up with a “yahoo” and ate all the delicious trash he could find.” Fox looked around, but didn’t see any boots.”

“Um, Raccoon, what about my boots?”

“oh, yeah” said Raccoon looking around. “Here they are. He tossed box a pair of earmuffs and a scarf “There should be very cozy.”

Fox tied the scarf around one paw, and put the earmuffs on the other. “Hmmmm,” he said

But when he turned back around, Raccoon was gone.

Well, I guess I should walk back home. As he walked in his new boots he sang his favorite song

I’m quick and spry,
clever and…oooffff!

Fox had tripped over his scarf boot. Frustrated he untied it and threw it aside.

“3 boots are good enough for me.” He walked on.

I’m quick and spry,

“Maybe 2 boots will work.” He tossed the earmuffs aside, and walked on.

I’m quick and spry…ooofff.

“I’ll be fine with just the one boot” He tossed the pail aside, and walked on.

I’m quick and…oooffff!”

“Arggghhh!” shouted Fox, “Boots are a nuisance!”

And with that he tossed the bird nest aside.

I’m quick and spry,
clever and sly

And he was right!

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3 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: The Fox With Cold Feet

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  2. That is one cute fox!

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