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Wandering the Web: These Storytime Ideas Will Move You!

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I’ve been daydreaming about adding a smidgen of yoga to my preschool storytimes for a while, but I keep shelving the idea for one reason or another. The other day I was wandering around the interweb, when I stumbled on Maria’s Movers. It’s a stupendous blog written by a dance teacher who use picture books in her dance classes for young children. How cool! The results are  innovative creative movement activities that are are perfect for library storytime!

Now, I’m sure these Ms Hanley has more grace in her teensy-weensiest freckles than I have in my whole body, but that’s okay. Her methods are practical and adaptable for non-dancers (who are willing to look a little silly). Most importantly, she offers  completely new, fun ways to present many of the picture books I’ve used a bazillion times in storytime (e.g. Not a Box, Jump, Frog, Jump, etc.).  It just goes to show how versatile a great picture book can be.

It’s so exciting to explore how professionals outside of libraries and schools embrace reading and children’s literature in traditionally book-less setting.  I can’t wait to make “creative movement” part of preschool storytime this fall.

One thought on “Wandering the Web: These Storytime Ideas Will Move You!

  1. Oooooh. Great find! Off to explore!

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